The objective of this module is to review a number of basic concepts in statistics and mathematics to prepare you for the more advanced material that you are going to encounter in the core modules of the EMPA.

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Dissertation: full unit

Policy Paper: half-unit taught across the full academic year

Course Leader: Dr Bob Babajanian

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This page has been created for all MPA 2nd year students to use and for students who have been allocated the following codes; DV4B3, EC4B3, EU4B3, GV4B3, MG4K3 and SA4K3.

Course Leader: Dr Bob Babajanian

Administrative contact:

    Teacher: Picture of Babken BabajanianPicture of Patrick DunleavyPicture of Lloyd Gruber

The course is available to all MPA offer-holders and will be open until 10th September 2018.

Participation in this online course is voluntary and does not entail a formal assessment. The marks are given for your reference only.