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Zoom recording space: deletion deadline

Kris Roger
Zoom recording space: deletion deadline
by Kris Roger - Thursday, 4 February 2021, 5:34 PM

LSE is rapidly running out of Zoom cloud recording space

The Eden Centre will be deleting all Zoom cloud recordings made before 30 June 2020 (for last academic year). This will happen on or soon after February 15th, so please review this message carefully!

    • Recordings made for teaching last academic year should have already been copied to Echo360 - if you are a teacher please check recordings are in your Echo 360 library.
    • If you are a student or member of staff and would like to keep old Zoom recordings, please ensure that you download them before 14 February.

Delete all recordings already copied to Echo 360

So that we do not run out of space before Easter we also need teachers to delete all Zoom cloud recordings once you are sure they have been copied to Echo360. This includes recordings made for Michaelmas and Lent terms.

Only use Zoom cloud recording space as short term storage

We will review further options over the Easter break, one of which is to implement a limited time retention period for Zoom recordings. Zoom cloud recording space should only be seen as very short-term storage.

Do not link directly from Moodle to Zoom Cloud recordings

Moodle course editors must not link directly to Zoom cloud recordings but should instead:

Any questions? Please contact us.