This course centres around the creation of more sustainable and socially beneficial alternatives to the existing way of doing things. It is increasingly becoming clear that the current consumer society and its Production Consumption System (PCS) are not sustainable. Meanwhile, happiness measures show that high happiness is not necessarily correlated with high GNP or with having more money beyond a certain level. We address the fast-growing demand to develop alternative sustainable routes for consumption, breaking away from the classic goals of consumer psychology, that is of increasing sales, growing brand territories, and inducing consumption. Instead, we explore the possibility of leveraging an understanding of consumer psychology to encourage sustainable behaviours while maintaining a realistic perspective on the need for positive business outcomes. We suggest that another, more sustainable, PCS could exist and examine the various ways of visualizing and instantiating this novel system. For example, we explore how one could improve sustainability practices by emphasizing happiness as stemming from social factors rather than from material consumption.