LSE Moodle Archives

This page provides access to archive copies of Moodle and will be available to students and staff on a read-only basis.

The 2021/22 archive 'snapshot' copy will be taken during the week commencing 20th June 2022.

The 2020/21 is available. The archive 'snapshot' copy was taken on 28th June 2021.

The 2019/20 archive is available, but you may need to contact academic departments to make your courses visible.

The full 2018/19 archive is also available but, as with 2019/20, you may need to contact academic departments to ask for access.

Only a limited 2017/18 archive is available, which is based on resit student data from the student services centre. If you are studying for resits this summer and your course is not available, please contact the academic department to request course availability as soon as possible.

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If you are a student and would like to have access to your previous years courses in the Archive please contact your Academic Departments.

If you are LSE staff and have any queries
or require further information please contact

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