This course offers a framework for coordinating an organisation’s internal and external communication, with the overall purpose of establishing and maintaining a favourable reputation for that organisation.  As such, corporate communications affects each one of us in various guises: as customers, employees, investors, citizens or, more generally, as members of the public.  Establishing and maintaining a favourable reputation turns out to be a considerable challenge in the complex times in which we live.

The focus of this course is corporate communications in ‘wicked’ contexts.  ‘Wicked’ refers to the chaotic, ambiguous, polarized and confusing situations in which contemporary organizations find themselves.  It aims to provide insights into tackling the challenge of ‘wickedness’ by adopting a ‘sociotechnical systems’ perspective to corporate communications that examines the interactions between an organisation’s work and its stakeholders.  This approach will shed light on how key concepts (e.g. identity, trust, reputation and power) can explain how modern corporate communications is evolving.  The course aims to bridge theory and practice by analysing contemporary cases of organizations handling communications challenges.