This course will provide a detailed assessment of Karl Marx’s political philosophy. It is divided into three sections. The first will focus on Marx’s early writings, which contain his critique of liberalism, his analysis of religion, and his depiction of alienated labour under capitalism. The second will consider the materialist theory of history, the view that history is characterised by the development of productive power, as well as his theory of the state and ideology. The third will focus on Marx’s economics and ethics: his view that capitalism is inherently exploitative and the vexed debate about whether such exploitation constitutes an injustice. In this part of the course we’ll also consider his vision of communism. In addition to the writings of Marx, we will also read some contemporary writings in the analytical Marxist tradition. The focus throughout will be on understanding and assessing Marx’s complex arguments. The course should be of interest to MSc students taking existing courses on liberalism and justice but also to students in Law, IR, Sociology, and International History.