GY486 - Dissertation - MSc Local Economic Development
GY409 - Globalization and Regional Development

See course outline for summary of content and topics.
MSc Regional and Urban Planning Studies

This long established and well-known course is designed to provide an understanding of the...

    Teacher: LegoHyun Shin
GY427 - Climate Change: Science, Economics and Policy

A comprehensive guide to climate change, including fundamental concepts in climate science,...

    Teacher: Picture of Alina AverchenkovaPicture of Antoine DechezlepretrePicture of Simon DietzPicture of Baran DodaPicture of Marion DumasPicture of Greer GosnellPicture of James RisingPicture of Misato Sato1Picture of David StainforthPicture of Swenja SurminskiPicture of Arthur TaburetMe
GY447 - The Economics of Regional and Urban Planning

To provide an economic framework in which to analyse the structure of economic activity within...

    Teacher: Picture of Gabriel AhlfeldtPicture of Felipe CarozziLegoPicture of Alan MacePicture of Nathalie PicarelliPicture of Kathleen Scanlon
GY450 - Regional and Urban Planning Problems Seminar
    Teacher: LegoPicture of Alan Mace
GY452 - Urban Research Methods

    Teacher: Picture of Ryan CentnerProf Sylvia ChantPicture of Gareth JonesPicture of Neil LeePicture of Claire MercerPicture of Mara NogueiraPicture of Megan RyburnPicture of ROMOLA SANYALHyun ShinPicture of Jayaraj SundaresanPicture of Austin Zeiderman
GY459 - Urban Theory and Policy in the Global South
    Teacher: Picture of Alexandra Abello ColakProf Sylvia ChantPicture of Thomas CowanPicture of Gareth JonesPicture of Julie Ren
Geography and Environment – PhD Students
MSc Local Economic Development