De-stress Fest & Mobile Device & Social Media Survey

De-stress Fest & Mobile Device & Social Media Survey

by Sonja Grussendorf 🦇🦡 -
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Is this you: revising for exams and/or stressing about coursework, the council are digging up half of Westminster making an incessant and infernal racket, the sun is taunting you with its absence and/or presence, steam is coming out of your ears...? 

Some good news to help you take your mind off all that stress:

1.The Student Union are running a 10 day long De-Stress Fest extravaganza with lots of activities and freebies until 17 May. Next week there’ll be tombola prizes, free massages, a smoothie bike and hopefully, fingers crossed… a petting zoo! With animals to pet! (Subject to go-ahead from Westminster council…)

2. We've devised a very short survey on the use of mobile devices and social media. Participate in the survey for a chance to win one of four £50 Amazon vouchers!

3. Water. Drink it - it's good for you.