ADS/PGCertHE - Course Design Workshop (parts 1 & 2)

ADS/PGCertHE - Course Design Workshop (parts 1 & 2)

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This two-part workshop (February 10th and 13th 2015, repeated later in the year on May 8th and 12th) explores the principles and practices of course design in higher education.

Participants should come to the workshops with plans for a new course they are intending to design. The sessions will give participants the opportunity to explore the building blocks of course design (aims and learning outcomes, assessment and teaching and learning activities, course evaluation) through the pedagogy of constructive alignment (Biggs, 1996 and 2002). 

By the end of the two-part session participants will have a preliminary outline of their new course and the tools to develop it further as well as an appreciation of how to support student learning through effectively aligning the different components of the curriculum at the course and programme level.

Course Design 1 – February 10th Feb

Course Design 2 – February 13th Feb

(although it is a two-part course, both sessions require individual sign-up, using the provided links)