Moodle refresh 2016

Moodle refresh 2016

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Moodle maintenanceIf you are a student and would like to access material available on your 2015/16 courses you will need to download it before 16 August. 

Each year, Moodle courses are refreshed to remove old student data and make the courses available for the next cohort of students.

This year, the refresh will take place on:

  • Tuesday 16th August 2016 for the majority of courses. Moodle will be unavailable all day for all users.
  • Tuesday 13th September 2016 for courses used to collect dissertation submissions (primarily those with 499 course codes). These courses will be unavailable on Moodle all day.

To refresh Moodle courses, we remove student data, but not course content uploaded by editors. 

If your dissertation will be submitted through Moodle, you will have until 13th September to make your submission and download any items you may need.  You will not be able to submit assignments for the 2015/16 academic year through Moodle after 13th September, and must make other arrangements with your course teachers for late submissions.

For more information see the LTI Blog or email

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