Preparing your Moodle courses for the start of term

Preparing your Moodle courses for the start of term

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1. Make sure the course start date is correct.  

This can be found in settings: Administration block > Edit settings > Course start date.

2. Tidy and update your course

Check all your web links work.  Ensure all course information, resources and activities on display are up-to-date and accurate. 

Add a hero image and course summary to your Moodle course.

See the online guides on how to add your lecture recordings (once they are available) and how to add your LSE reading lists.

3. Check students have access
Automatic enrolments are now active on Moodle, so when students make course choices in LSE for You, they will automatically be enrolled in the corresponding Moodle course.  Choices for 2017/18 made by continuing students have already been processed.

Check your course is set up for automatic enrolment. This can be done by going into the settings: Administration block > Edit Settings. If the “Course ID number” field is empty. Please contact

If using alternative methods of enrolment please check that they have been set up properly. This can be done by looking in the Administration block > Users > Enrolment methods.

4. Make your course visible to students

Courses are made unavailable (hidden) to students as part of the refresh. Editors will need to 
make them available to the new cohort when ready.

See the LTI blog for more guidance on how to Declutter your Moodle course.