New Moodle - what are your thoughts?

New Moodle - what are your thoughts?

by Sonja Grussendorf 🦇🦡 -
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So this is new LSE Moodle.

There are quite a few improvements, mostly for editors but also for students (full list: moodle 2.2 release notes). Wikis can now be worked on in Safari on iPads/iPhones, students can customise their home page, that home page delivers a convenient courses overview, telling you what's new or what's due... balloons by Ewan Traveler on flickr (cc)

Of course we are interested in your feedback! What's your first impression of new Moodle - do you like it or not? Take our quick and simple new moodle poll.

More importantly, if you have any further comments (good or bad) or any errors to report, please use this feedback form to let us know!

Enjoy the lovely rainy summer,



Image of balloons by ewan_traveler on flickr (cc)