Don't be a stranger - update your Moodle Profile!

Don't be a stranger - update your Moodle Profile!

by Jane Secker -
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Term is starting next week, so welcome to all new LSE students and welcome back to returning students! We wish you an exciting and inspiring Michaelmas Term.

Did you know, similar to social networks, you have a profile on Moodle so we recommend that you update it. As well as information displayed to other Moodle users, your profile includes a number of settings that affect how Moodle functions and how it is displayed to you. In particular you might want to change:

  • Your description
  • Your photo
  • Your preferred theme - if you don't like the LSE Moodle colour scheme choose another!
  • Various email & forum (discussion board) settings.

To edit your profile click on your name anywhere in Moodle and choose 'Edit Profile'. For further information see Moodle Profiles - changing your personal settings.