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LSE Literary Festival discussion: Digital Personhood & Identity

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LSE Literary Festival discussion: Digital Personhood & Identity
by Sonja Grussendorf 🦇🦡 - Monday, 23 February 2015, 11:19 AM

The LSE Space For Thought Literary Festival 2015 begins today!

This year, the foundations of knowledge, society, identity and literature will be explored as well as those of LSE itself in our 120th year. All events are free to attend and open to all, with tickets available to book online.

Saturday 28 February, 1pm:

"Digital Personhood and Identity"

What are the foundations of our identity in the digital age? As digital devices make and manage more and more decisions about our everyday lives how can we retain our sense of self? Technology writer Luke Dormehl and academic and journalist Aleks Krotoski joing LSE's Professor Sonia Livingstone and Professor Andrew Murray to discuss how algorithms and intelligent devices are altering our sense of personhood and the ways in which we see ourselves and others.​