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SU Education Survey:

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SU Education Survey:
by Milan Popovcic - Monday, 16 November 2015, 4:23 PM

LSE is in the process of designing an Education Strategy and Covenant for 2015-2020 which has the potential to redefine what an LSE Education looks like. The new strategy will affect everything: from quality of teaching, professional development and academic support, through to lecture capture, assessment, feedback and having the opportunity to study abroad.


It is vital that students are the ones driving these changes. That is why we are asking you, the students, what you want. Asking you what is working and what isn’t; asking you what could, should and needs to be better. Your observations and suggestions will directly impact the drafting of the new Educational Covenant and the way change is implemented for the next five years. We need you to fill out this survey, to get as many other people as you can to fill it out too, and to show just how much our Education matters.