Phishing alert

Phishing alert

by Jethro Perkins -
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Hackers are after your account details. They send you emails that look like they come from people you know, trying to make you click on a link.

If you enter your details into the website that was linked to, the hacker will have control of your account.

The messages they send may try to panic you, tell you your account will become unavailable, or have no content apart from a button saying “display message”.

In each case, the link will lead you to a website where you’ll be asked to input your credentials. DO NOT ENTER YOUR DETAILS INTO IT.

Some general rules:

1. If a message just has a link to click, with no other information, don’t click on the link.

2. If a message tries to panic you, stop and think, and contact us (see below) rather than clicking on the link

3. If you do enter your details into any site and realise afterwards it was fake, change your password IMMEDIATELY. You can find out how to change your password by searching for "change password" on the LSE website.

Report any suspicious emails to and we’ll check them for you.