LSE Turnitin Guidance for dealing with requests to view student papers

LSE Turnitin Guidance for dealing with requests to view student papers

by Catia Costa -
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LSE is using Turnitin to check similarity of students' work against submitted work of other students and various web sources. Papers submitted by students are added onto Turnitin's repository, that allows teachers of one institution to find matches of student work that has been submitted at other institutions that use Turnitin. Moreover, teachers can request to view papers submitted to other institutions, if they think necessary.

What is a paper view request?

Turnitin enables academics to find matches of students’ submitted work to other students’ work. When a match is found the LSE representative can only view part of the source. To view the full source, the LSE representative can make a paper view request to the institution where that source was originally submitted. These requests are made through Turnitin who pass the request on to the relevant institution.”

LSE has recently developed a Guidance for dealing with requests to view student papers. The guidance (approved by Academic Board) provides information on what is a paper view request, when and how to make a paper review request, and answers important questions, such as: on what basis you should decline or accept a paper view request from another institution, what is the procedure for declining/accepting paper view requests, how does a paper view request email looks like etc.

For further advice and questions about the paper view requests, please contact Martin Johnson, Assessment Regulations Manager.

Paper view requests to another institution should normally be made when the suspicion of plagiarism is high enough that the assessment in question needs to be investigated in accordance with the School’s Regulations on Assessment Offences: Plagiarism.

Also, don't forget to visit our Staff and Students support page on using Turnitin, that provides useful information about interpreting similarity reports, FAQs for staff and students, etc. For general advice using Turnitin, contact LTI.

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