Time to Upgrade the Union (and win some prizes)?

Time to Upgrade the Union (and win some prizes)?

by Kris Roger -
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LSESU is updating its Articles of Association (i.e. its constitution) as they are out of date and no longer fit for purpose. The proposed changes are explained here. In order to make any changes they need to pass a Special Resolution voted on by 15% of students. The vote will take place during a General meeting on the 1st June (the formal notice can be found here) however you can also vote by proxy, meaning you can change the Union without even leaving your home!

Good governance aside, there’s also the chance to win some great prizes simply by taking two minutes to cast your vote. Five voters will be picked at random to receive a choice of one of the following:

- Audible voucher
- Netflix voucher
- Mindful Chef voucher
- Birchbox voucher

If you think it’s time to upgrade the Union, please spread the word. All it takes is a simple vote. Visit lsesu.com/special-resolution.

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