Moodle 2020-21 archive availability

Moodle 2020-21 archive availability

by Kris Roger -
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The Moodle 2020-21 Archive will be available from Monday July 19th.

Students should contact the relevant academic departments regarding access to archived courses, but only after July 19.

Moodle course managers and editors should note that:

  • Current students will not be able to see individual archived courses until they have been made visible.
  • If you plan to start getting your Moodle course ready for next year in the coming weeks, you should:
    • Make the corresponding archived version of your course visible.
    • Then place a temporary notice and link at the top of your course redirecting current/resit students to the archived course.
  • Once a course has been made visible, all students that are registered for the course this year will have access.
  • Current (2020-21) student registrations on will be removed after the Moodle reset (15 & 16 September). New enrolments will then start to be imported from LSEforYou.
  • Future students will not have access to visible archived courses, although we can add members of staff as course managers.
  • See our Moodle Archive Guide for further information, including how to make archived courses visible.

Please note that the Moodle Archive snapshot was taken on 28 June. The originally advertised date was 21 June, but it was not possible to create the snapshot on this date. Please contact if you have made significant changes to your Moodle course(s) between those dates, so we can restore an older course version if necessary.

The LSE Eden Centre Digital Education Team.