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Issue with replacing documents on Moodle - urgent advice for alternative formats

Issue with replacing documents on Moodle - urgent advice for alternative formats

by Kerry Vandersteen -
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Edit: The advice below is no longer current. Please see our latest update on this issue.


It recently came to our attention that when a document is replaced on Moodle by clicking “edit settings” then deleting the attached file in the files box and re-uploading a document with a different name, the changes are not reflected in the alternative formats (provided by Yuja Panorama, the new Moodle accessibility tool). This means that any student accessing the document in an alternative format will see the original document in an alternative format and not the updated document. Please be aware that this will need attention now especially if you have updated any documents with assessment information in this way.

Action required:

We have reported this issue to Yuja Panorama. However, in the short term, if you have replaced an old document on a Moodle course, please ensure that the alternative format is consistent with the updated document. If it isn’t, please remove the updated document by deleting the old Moodle file resource completely from the Moodle page and then add the updated document as a new Moodle file resource. The updated document will then be reflected in the alternative formats.

Please share this with anyone who adds content to Moodle courses. 

If you have any questions, please contact Eden Digital.

Many thanks,

The Eden Centre

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