LSE Moodle Archive 2022/23 - Now Available!

LSE Moodle Archive 2022/23 - Now Available!

by Abigail Myers -
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The 2022/23 Moodle Archive is now available for access. The ‘snapshot’ used to create this archive was taken on Tuesday 11 July 2023.  


Student Access to Archived Courses 


Courses in the archive will currently remain accessible to enrolled students.  Although, they will be hidden by default during the w/c 11 September 2023 ahead of enrolments for new students. If you wish for your archived course(s) to remain visible, please contact the appropriate team within your department or  


Please note that after the Moodle Refresh (taking place the w/c 4 September 2023) the current student enrolments on main LSE Moodle will be removed to allow for the import of new enrolments. The new students will NOT have access to visible archived courses. Although, we will be able to continue providing access to members of staff where required. 


Updating Your Moodle Course(s) 


If you plan on making changes to the live version of your course on main LSE Moodle for the next academic year, please redirect current/resit students to the archived version of the course.  


2019/20 Moodle Archive Decommissioned 


The 2019/20 Moodle Archive was decommissioned during the w/c 17 July 2023 in accordance with our three-year retention period. Please note that we do not keep any backups of decommissioned archives.  



Abigail Myers 


Learning Technologist 

LSE Eden Centre for Education Enhancement