qwiki - "experiencing information"

qwiki - "experiencing information"

by Sonja Grussendorf 🦇🦡 -
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You will have heard of wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia.
It removed the need for cumbersome flicking through actual papery pages in dusty old books, but it still requires the information consumer (= you, me) to read. snapshot of the LSE qwiki

The newly launched qwiki.com wants to change that: no more cumbersome reading, just gawping at pretty pictures while a computer voice does the reading for you. Although, if you insist on being old-fashioned, the text simultaneously scrolls up below the moving pictures.

Qwiki's mission is to "forever improve the way people experience information."

Well, as long as the iron law prevails "that the information in question shall never touch the essential, shall never degenerate into thought"*, we can all go safely into the weekend. And I mean that entirely ironically.

*T. Adorno, Culture Industry, 2001, p.84