Plagiarism bites

Plagiarism bites

by Sonja Grussendorf 🦇🦡 -
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As a good LSE student you will be aware how important academic integrity is - at the very least you will have carefully read the LSE conditions of Registration and taken proper note of paragraph 14.

You will know how to cite and reference your sources properly - and if you think you need a reminder, you will know about the excellent Library Companion for Students resource on Moodle, where you can find lots of information, including an online guide to avoiding plagiarism!

You will know that plagiarism is wrong.

And because of that, when or if ever in the future you find yourself to be the minister of defence of a largish European country, and should be accused of plagiarism, you will be able to say in good conscience that you always did your best and always did your own work.

PS for readers of German an interesting article on the development of plagiarism accusations against defence minister zu Guttenberg in the FAZ