When Good Links Go Bad

When Good Links Go Bad

by Steve Bond -
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You probably know the feeling. There's a journal article on your reading list, and you need to have read it for tomorrow's class. It's on Moodle, so you click the link ... and the computer says no. It happens; direct linking to e-journal articles is actually not as simple as it sounds, and links that worked fine one day may stop working the next.

But there is no need to panic. Just because the link from Moodle isn't working, it doesn't mean the article is not accessible - you just have to go find it. Head for the Library Catalogue and click the "Ejournals" link near the bottom. Then you can browse for the journal you want and find the required article.

And please do let us know about any such broken links you find by emailing us at clt-support@lse.ac.uk and telling us where the broken link is. We'll let the person responsible for the course know, and help them to stop it from happening again.

Best wishes

Steve Bond, CLT