Winners of the LSE Festival Research Competition

Winners of the LSE Festival Research Competition

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And that's a wrap!  The LSE Festival Research Competition exhibition is over for another year.  Thank you to everyone who came and joined us for two evenings of research, drinks and live music! And... drum roll please... here are our winners! 

The Photograph Prize to Joel Suss for 'Hong Kong Urbanscape'.

The Poster Prize to Alka Raman for 'From Muse to Machines: how Indian cottons steered the technological trajectory of the British cotton industry' .

The Short Film Prize to Maria Cerdio for 'US Drug War Hegemony'. 

The Written Pitch Prize went to Katharina Lawall for 'Angry White Women? How Immigration Has Become a “Women’s Issue” and why it Matters'. 

The LSE LIFE Prize to Harshita Sinha for the written pitch 'The Indispensable Work and the Invisible Workers: undocumented Bangladeshi women immigrants in the Indian informal economy'.  

The PhD Academy Prize to  Yufei Zhou for the photograph 'Suck it Out or Let it Die'. 

The Staff Prize to Alison Powell for the poster 'Understanding Automated Decisions' 

The Festival Prize went to Carlo Alessandro Borella for the poster 'Fake News, Immigration and Opinion Polarisation'.  

The Popular Prize went to Francesco Giacomini for the written pitch 'Bitcoin: new order or libertarian utopia? An answer from the past: Scotland 1727-1845'

Visit the online gallery to see our full exhibition of photographs, posters, short films and written pitches as well as the 2019 winners 

Time to start preparing for next year! 

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