LSE Moodle Archive Snapshot and Moodle Refresh 2022-23

LSE Moodle Archive Snapshot and Moodle Refresh 2022-23

by Abigail Myers -
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This year the annual LSE Moodle Archive ‘snapshot’ will be taken on Tuesday 11th July 2023 and will be used to create the 2022-23 Moodle Archive. The 2022-23 Moodle Archive will be made available for access as soon as possible after the snapshot has taken place. Please see the LSE Moodle Archive guide for further details.

In addition to this, the annual LSE Moodle Refresh will be scheduled to take place during the w/c 4th September during which there will be some disruption to normal LSE Moodle service. The Moodle Refresh will allow for all Moodle courses to be reset to remove student course enrolments ahead of the start of the new academic year. 

If you are a course owner and you need to opt your course out of the Moodle Refresh, please ensure that you tag your course as “Do Not Refresh”. Please see the LSE Moodle Refresh guide for further details.

Abigail Myers

Learning Technologist

LSE Eden Centre for Education Enhancement