Accessing e-journal articles from off-campus

Accessing e-journal articles from off-campus

by Steve Bond -
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Update: The vast majority of e-journal links on Moodle are now fixed so that they will work off-campus. You will be asked to log in using your usual LSE details when you access such e-journals.

=== Original message ===

Owing to recent changes in the way LSE provides access to e-journals, you may experience problems with links in Moodle when you are off-campus. We are working to overcome these difficulties, but in the meantime, if you click on a link and find that it does not allow you access to an article, there are 3 ways round the problem:
  • Option 1: Set up a VPN connection on your computer. This makes it seem to Moodle as if you are on campus, and the links should then work.
  • Option 2: Right-click on the link itself, and select "Copy shortcut". Then right-click on the address field of your browser, and choose "Paste". Next, copy this address: and paste it at the very start of the address field. Finally, click the 'Go' button next to the address bar, and you should be directed to an LSE login page, and thereafter to the article.
  • Option 3: If all else fails, access the relevant journal via the Library journal page and search for the article you need.
If these workarounds do not allow you to access the articles you need, please contact for further help.

Best wishes

Steve Bond, CLT