Intute Virtual Training Suite

Intute Virtual Training Suite

by Sonja Grussendorf 🦇🦡 -
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Research Skills Tutorials - essential learning for Students

You'll all be getting nice and ready for the next (perhaps your first!) academic year. One of the most important skills you'll have to develop is your ability to sift through a slew of online material, or rather, you will need to learn how to know when and why information is useful, valuable and valid. Intute, a website dedicated to "helping you find the best websites for study and research", offer a host of tutorials to get you on the right track. a creative commons licensed flickr image by VolaVale
"The Virtual Training Suite aims to help university students to develop Internet research skills to assist with their university coursework and assignments." They have just added lots of new tutorials and updated others. Each of these tutorials cover a different subject, and a few cover skills that are relevant across the disciplines.

The Internet Detective, for example, is well worth a look, as the tutorial aims to foster your critical thinking which you need to apply if you are using the Internet for your research. It will help you develop strategies to evaluate the quality of web sites, i.e. help you evaluate if their content is appropriate and acceptable.

If like most people, you sometimes feel overwhelmed by the vastness of the web, one or two hours spent on these tutorials might just be the thing.

image by VolaVale on flickr.