Accounting is a form of story-telling

Accounting is a form of story-telling

by Sonja Grussendorf 🦇🦡 -
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One for the accountants among you...

You don't often hear the bold statement that "the history of accounting and book-keeping is largely the history of civilisation", but a new series on Radio 4 is charting precisely this history in 10 15-minute slots over the next two weeks. "Accounting is a form of story telling - giving an account - and stories require an audience, listeners; auditors." (BBC News Magazine) Handwritten ledger

Starting yesterday (you can listen again to the first episode for another six days) "A brief History of Double Entry Book-keeping" is telling the story of civilisation from the perspective of accounting - and having listened to the first one, I can 'verify' that it's quite fascinating.

Who'd have thought - well, presumably you students in the Accounting Department and of course your Professor Macve who has been contributing to the programme.

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