The "glorious nerdiness of statistics"

The "glorious nerdiness of statistics"

by Sonja Grussendorf 🦇🦡 -
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Edutainment at its best

On a miserable January evening the thought of watching a programme dedicated to statistics might not fill you with joy, but a very entertaining Professor Hans Rosling proved otherwise last night in a BBC4 programme provocatively entitled "The Joy of Stats".

Professor Rosling explores the social and political benefits that collecting, tabulating and analysing data have brought to the world in the last 200 years or so. He goes as far as to argue that "they can be used in today's computer age to see the world as it really is, not just as we imagine it to be."

A bold claim perhaps, but at the very least the programme makes you realise that statistics go some way to help us understand the causes of things.

Do try and catch it on iplayer in the next 7 days: