My magic moodle friday feature extravaganza

My magic moodle friday feature extravaganza

by Sonja Grussendorf 🦇🦡 -
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"My Moodle" Magic plus Google Generosity

Today I'm feeling helpful. I will prove this by generously sharing a little known moodle feature and a woefully underused google feature:

1. Each moodle user can access a personalisable moodle page by simply adding "/my" (without the quotation marks!) to the normal Moodle homepage URL, like so:
For more information, read this page. Snail's Pace by Randy son of Robert on flickr

2. Everyone knows google & how to use it, but do you know how to use it well? Do you know how to use google better?! Do you know about google search operators, such as "define:" which gives you links to definitions of the word(s) you are looking for, or that a tilde (this sign: ~) put before a word (with no space) will search for the word and its synonyms? You should, you really should... and if you don't, have a look at this cheatsheet.

Happy weekend, everyone!