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Echo360 lecture recordings

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Echo360 lecture recordings
by Chris Fryer - Tuesday, 2 March 2010, 1:22 PM
We share your frustration with Echo, the lecture recording system, and its periodic outages. We have worked closely with Echo360 to identify the cause of the problem. A particular portion of code checks out a database connection from a shared pool. But once its task is complete, it does not return the connection to the pool. Eventually the pool becomes exhausted and no new connections can be furnished. This leads to loss of service.

Today, Echo360 wrote to say their developers have completed a fix for the problem. The Quality Assurance team is in the process of clearing the release and expect to make it available tomorrow, assuming no issues are encountered during the final round of regression testing.

On a more positive note, we can tell you that automatic publication of the links to Echo recordings in your Moodle course calendars is working again.